8 High Demand Skills in Digital Marketing in 2022 that Pay

In this blog we are going to discuss about 8 high demand skills in digital marketing currently and that are going to stay in demand in near future. I have selected the list of these eight skills from my experience in this industry for a decade now and also talking to many colleagues as well as talking to many clients.

Now, we all know that digital marketing skills are in very much demand at the moment and it’s not even near to saturation at the moment. One of the reasons being there is a lot of companies who realize every day that they have to invest in digital marketing and they are getting on board in this digital marketing industry.

Now with this demand digital marketing professionals are getting paid really well one of the reasons being that they directly impact the business of any client they work with.

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Now before we jump into these 8 points I want to show you what a modern skill set looks like now if you look at the picture there is a strategic skills there are technical skills and there are creative skills you kind of have to be in the intersection where you have all of these skills. Somehow related to strategy creative as well as technical.

Data Science:

Now, this leads us to our first point which is data science. This skill is usually related to data interpretation as well as analytics to give you an example like there are a lot of good data scientists and people.

I have worked with but what I realized is all the good data scientists they don’t understand media and they don’t understand media metrics. For example, recently I used to work with a person who was really good at data science and reporting and all these modules but the problem was he didn’t understand media metrics like for example one day we were just uh presenting a report to the client and what we realized is the overall reach of the campaign.

He had directly added them from all the channels the campaign was live on multiple channels dv360 Facebook, Google ads and a lot of other channels so what he had done is he had directly added the reach from individual channels as the campaign total reach which is not the right way to do it in certain cases.

We had reach more than the impressions so it’s very important for a data scientist who is working specifically for a digital marketing agency or a client that they understand media metrics as well this is one of the gaps i found in the industry so that being said i think that there is a huge gap there needs to be data scientists who understand media or there needs to be media specialists who understand data science.

If you are a media specialist and you want to understand data science and you want to go on this journey to learning you can try google’s gcp certification which is free and it they’ll also provide you access to free tools like bigquery which also involves a little bit of sql and i think that this is one of the gaps and this is one of the high demand skill  that’s that already companies are realizing and in near future i think it will be even in greater demand and that leads us to our next skill which is basic know-how of important tools.

What are basic Tools:

Now what i realized is with the boom in e-commerce with the boom in small companies investing in digital marketing what i realized is these companies when they start to invest in digital marketing they come to you usually the small companies they don’t have any I creative team or they don’t have any designing team so they rely on you completely.

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If you are going to buy media for them run digital marketing campaigns for them you will have to assist them on how to create creative now these companies do not usually have nas any branding guidelines so you can literally like play around and create any type of creatives for them.

For example if they are running a campaign on facebook canva can be a very good tool to start with like you go ahead and you can create these uh these ads for them now that’s one thing i realized that these small companies do not have web developers who can create landing pages for them they don’t have designers who can create these ads for them now if you are working with such a small client.

Definitely you need to understand how to work on tools like canva for designing or adobe spark or as well as work on tools like insta pages or have basic knowledge of wordpress so that you can create or help them to at least create these landing pages and ads and this leads us to our next third point which is marketing automation and data handling.

Email Automation and Data Handling:

I think that this is a very important skill to have which is in demand and is going to be in demand in near future about your knowledge to set up marketing automation setups for your clients and as well as guide them how they can leverage their first party data how they can store their first party data how they can activate this first party data now with boom in e-commerce industry people are selling physical products digital products courses and whatnot!

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In this kind of scenario, it’s very important to understand that how we can automate as many processes in our digital media as possible for example if you are working on a client who is selling courses it’s very important that you set up an automation system for them so that if somebody shows an interest you show them a retargeting ad if they register you send them a free ebook where you can lead them to buy a course if somebody bought a course and completed the course and you reach out to them through different channels to upsell new products.

I would say you need to understand at least one automation system whether it’s system.io whether it’s lyanna or any other mailchimp or hubspot any of the automation systems which you can assist your clients with now with that being said there is one more thing that you need to understand now we all know that the first party data is going to be very important in the near future so you need to also have a perspective or no tools where you know how to collect this first party data whether it’s email id ids with its phone numbers so that you can use this first party data for the benefit of your client.

Market And Competitor Analysis:

Now one of the tools i think is going to be in demand in near future are cdp so for example there are multiple cdp’s in the market at the moment which is one of them is tellium or there are other multiple uh cdps as well so i would say that if you don’t already know you should go ahead and try to learn any of these automation tools and cdps so to give you a an idea or an example for example whenever you work with a client you should be able to show them or at least visualize for them an architecture like this for example how will we uh collect first party data. Second party data third party data where will we store this and how will we utilize this so this should you should be able to visualize at least this for any client you are working with now this leads us to our fourth skill which is market and competitors intelligence and analysis.

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Now in at any given point of time you need to know what’s going on in the market what are the computers doing and be smart to take decisions based on what computers are doing and when you have that knowledge you need to basically be ahead of your computers no matter which client you are working with now trust me it’s very important to understand how your computers are thinking our tactics they are using what’s working for them and what’s not working for them how they are even crafting their messages and ads. Now if your computer is a bigger company than who you are working with their competitor audit can be can provide a lot of benefit for you.

You will basically be able to understand what is the starting point what’s working for them and where should you start and the other reason for this is for example I’m sure if you go to Facebook and you see an ad let’s say for example a consultant who helps you to immigrate to Canada you click on the ad.

You fill a form the moment you come back from the form on your feed the next ad you will see from is from another consultant and for the next few days you will see all the ads from the consultant so if there is a person who is in market for a product or service trust me facebook will bombard them with the ads so you literally have to make a difference among your competitors so that that client will fill a lead form for you.

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For example, there are a lot of tools you can use for computers or audit I have multiple videos for example this video here shows you how to do an audit on Facebook and Instagram. This video shows you what are different tools you can use for computers audit.

How important it is there is a book called art of war which is one of my favorites in the book the author says if you know the enemy and know yourself you need not to fear the results of a hundred battles if you know yourself but not the enemy for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat and if you know neither the enemy nor yourself you will scum in every battle to give you an example about how computer audit can affect your performance.

This is this on screen you see is on the left hand side live quality life and prosper in business this is one of the clients that came to me they wanted to run a campaign for their consultancy in helping clients to set up business in UAE.

Now they had a creative team who developed this creative concept for them they were obviously different assets but this is how it started but when we did the competitor audit we saw a big fish in this industry who were running an ads for last like four months with a certain creative that obviously was working for them so based on that audit we for a testing we created one more copy which you can see on the right hand side.

It’s simple with this freelancer package with the price and one person there showing that this is the freelancer package we run a b test and trust me the results we got from the second one were way better that of the left hand side the reason being on the the creative concept created on the left hand side was not considering any uh computer’s audit but the copy you see on the right hand side it was developed after doing a proper computers audit so similarly you can do computer audit for your client and to do that this is a very important skill to have to know that how to do these kind of audits and take learnings from there.

JavaScript and <HTML>:

Now this leads us to our fifth point which is javascript and html a lot of people ask me that is javascript and html important in being a performance marketing specialist honestly it’s not very important but if you are focusing on programmatic advertising this is a very important skill to have you can go ahead without it as well but this will really give you an edge.

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For example to know javascript and html is very important when you are kind of testing any creative tags you are testing click macros and you are testing any other kind of macros or for example if you want to test what kind of landing page is a particular ad tag returning so these kind of things literally help you sometimes if you know javascript and html to give you an example.

Once I was working on a client and i saw that there was a problem between the publisher and my team when I tried to research about it and I realized that the publishers report was not matching to the client’s report the dcm report and the publisher’s provided report was not matching in terms of clicks and CTR and there was an email communication going there for like few days.

I was really curious what’s going on and when i realized the issue was the ad tags provided by the client did not somehow had click macros and the publishers tried to implement the click macros but they were not doing the right implementation so that’s what was causing all the issues now i know a little bit of javascript and html and I was able to figure out in like one minute that what the issue is and it was resolved now in case you want to learn html and javascript.

I find w3schools the best resource you can have to learn basics of html and javascript even me like seven years ago i have learned javascript and html on w3schools now this leads us to our sixth point which is you have to understand the digital marketing ecosystem what i mean by that is i constantly repeat this in my videos in the digital marketing ecosystem there are three parties involved one is the advertiser one is the publisher then there are agencies and ad tech providers now agencies are like an intermediate who help advertisers buy media and there are ad tech providers like google.

They provide google ads or dv 360 and there are like verification vendors like iis mode and there are other suppliers who are somehow connected to this ecosystem now what i mean by understanding the ecosystem is you basically have to understand what each of these parties do and how do they work together now for example in the interviews i conduct I usually ask this question i ask them okay i run a video campaign on facebook can the ad show on can this video ad show on Tik Tock.

I run a search campaign can my search ads show on websites like do business now i see a lot of people who are even good at what they do but they don’t have answers to such questions now for example sometimes i show them an ad for example this is a screenshot of my website and there’s an ad like this so i tell them okay can you tell me what kind of ad is this is it a search ad is it a display ad what kind of ad and which where do you think the advertiser has traffic this campaign.

Most of the people are not able to understand because they know so much about just facebook ad manager they know about google ad manager but they don’t understand how the different parties involved in this ecosystem work with each other what does the whole ecosystem look like now before you can suggest a strategy to a client or a channel mix or a media plan you definitely need to understand the whole ecosystem you need to step back and have a broader picture of this whole ecosystem and i think it’s very very important skill to have because it will not help you to suggest strategies sometimes you are talking to a client and it makes you really confident.

If you know something and you are able to explain because sometimes out of nowhere a client will send you a screenshot showing you an ad on let’s say tick tock and telling you we are not running any campaigns or tick tock why is our ad appearing there so you need to understand the whole ecosystem to be able to answer confidently all the questions clients ask you now this leads us to our next point which is basics of marketing.

Basics of Marketing:

i mean by this is I see a lot of people who are in digital marketing field but they lack the knowledge of basic marketing fundamentals you have to understand something digital marketing before anything else is a form of marketing now as much as digital marketing is dependent on numbers and working around those numbers to kind of create your strategy and optimize your campaigns but digital marketing relies on fundamentals of marketing as well.

Now if you have to decide your overall strategy or let’s say the communication strategy of your channels you need to know the basics of marketing so your digital marketing strategy has to be a mix of your logic analysis as well as the emotions which are important in any marketing campaign now to give you an example of this no matter which client you are working on they cannot be best in everything in their industry and competition.

They definitely will be good at something and how to portray that something and use that something in your marketing campaigns that you can only do using fundamentals of market now why I’m saying this is because honestly this is one of the gap i see a lot of people in digital marketing they’re really good a \ what they do but they lack somehow the basics of marketing which really shows after a level so if you are a digital marketer.

I would definitely suggest you to go back and study some basics and fundamentals of marketing so that it can give you an edge and you can be successful in your career now this leads us to our last point which is the open to learning now i always mention this that i have been working in this industry for a decade now and since I started working in this industry everything has changed digital marketing industry in its dna is always changing and evolving.

There’s always new ad tech there’s always new channels that are trending and on top of that we see a lot of user behavior changes as well as there is a lot of laws that are coming now and then around digital marketing and how we you can kind of use collect and utilize the data in my experience a  well i have seen a lot of people who used to work who I used to work with and they were good at what they were doing but somehow they lost their relevance because they were not open to learn new technologies new trends and adapt.

I saw a lot of people became insignificant it happened in when offline advertising was a thing and there was a drift towards digital marketing and a lot of people who did not embrace these changes from offline advertising to online skills they kind of became insignificant and I know a lot of people like that so if you want to be relevant and be successful in digital marketing career you need to be ahead of the trends and you need to understand what’s going on and and what’s coming in this space.

Now if you go for any digital marketing interview nowadays the first question probably they’ll ask you is now what will you suggest us to kind of minimize the impact of these IOS changes and the new regulations like GDPr and what do

you think that cookie-less world will  look like how will it impact our digit l marketing advertising or what what do you suggest that how can we ensure that we have the minimal impact.

These questions being asked in the interviews give you a signal that this is a very important skill to have as well where you have kind of you’re open to learning new technologies new trends and always have this approach that you are open to learn any new technologies or any new trends that come in this particular space now if you are interested to know more about how to be ready for those questions.

I have this blog here which talks about the eight different things you need to consider in your 2022 digital marketing strategies considering all the changes that are happening around in this particular space with that being said that is the end of the list I hope this was helpful to you.



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